Saturday, March 3, 2012

No I Won't!

I refuse!
I won’t can’t make me!
Never, never, never..............will I conform!
Nothing about conformity is the truth.
Only what YOU feel inside is real!
Live by your own standards.
Set your own goal posts.
Dream your own dreams.
Conforming to the desire of anyone other than YOU breaks your alignment with your source!
You were born knowing the truth!
Return to that knowing!
Love Papa.

Friday, March 2, 2012


There it is!
That deep dark secret!
Finally uncovered!
Revealed for the first time.
Isn’t it amazing how revealing a hidden truth brings about such transformation.
Suddenly the sun is brighter and the air feels fresh.
Direction and focus are now possible when nothing is holding you back.
Clarity and determination rise to the forefront.
And what was previously a black hole becomes a bright new light of hope!
Reveal what is holding you back and move toward your change.
It can be quite revealing!
Love Papa.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bus Ride.

The bus ride of your life began the moment you were born.
And once you got on the bus you have to ride it to the finish.
The road may wander, the brakes may fail, hills may be steep and the fare may be high.
But the view can be amazing and the journey will be worth it.
Others may come and go, some even catching a ride.
You may break down occasionally or perhaps get pulled out of the ditch from time to time.
You’ll make wrong turns, get lost, back up and go again.
But your journey will continue until you decide to stop.
There is no correct path, finish line, prize for winning or statue with your name on it.
Sometimes you will see great distances in the future and the past.
But your greatest reward is always the awareness of now!
You may paint your bus with exotic colours, adorn it with bobbles and ribbons.
It may be loud or it may be silent, it may be big or it may be tiny but the journey will always be the goal.
Take time to look out the windows, take good care of your bus, be courteous to others but GO when it is your turn.
There are billions of trips on billions of buses, but always there is only this journey that is yours.
Enjoy every moment.
Love Papa.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Gift!

You have planned it forever.
Selected it with great consideration.
Gently packaged it.
Delicately wrapped it.
Carefully transported it.
And now you are ready to present it.
Hand it over with pride, you have done very well.
It has long been expected that your gift will change everything.
YOU are the gift!
And everyone is anxiously awaiting the unveiling!
Stand proud!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Sink down into the water.
Feel it surround you completely.
Slide your body completely below the surface.
Allow the feeling of immersion to overtake you.
Feel totally surrounded.
Your presence within the water is obvious and absolute.
Just as it is everywhere else on this planet.
We are always fully immersed in something.
We are constantly surrounded and our presence within changes everything.
Every move you make and everyone or everything passing by influences everything else.
You appear separate but you are always fully immersed.
Experience your immersion.
Sink down into it and feel it surround you completely.
You are never alone, you are always connected to all that is.
Love Papa.

Monday, February 27, 2012


They say that things will change!
They say that things will never change!
They should do something about that!
They should just leave things alone!
They say you should eat that!
They say you should stop eating that!
They said it could not be done!
They said someone just did it!
They say you can’t get there from here!
They say they just found a way!
I SAY..............I AM!
What say YOU?
Love Papa
Re-post #115

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Of course you are entitled!
If you choose the glory you are entitled to the rewards.
Likewise if you choose the struggle you are entitled to those rewards as well.
Indeed if you choose the conflict you are entitled to the battle.
And if you choose the sickness you are entitled to the disease.
You are always the results of your asking.
For if you ask for controversy or if you pick a fight, you are indeed asking for more of the same.
And you are totally entitled to more of your asking.
When you expect something is owed to you from another person, employer, government or society, know that if there is opposition to your receiving that entitlement, that you are asking for the opposition not the reward you feel you deserve.
Be aware that your entitlement is clear and absolute and comes directly from your source.
You are entitled to freedom of choice!
All that you ask for is made available to you!
And your entitlement is always in alignment with your asking!
You need only be aware of what you are really asking for!
Love Papa.