Saturday, February 11, 2012


I know it hurts!
I know they said those things to you!
I know you’re lost right now!
Can you just let that be ok for now?
Can you relax into knowing that whatever is happening in your life is ok?
Are you able to allow yourself to feel whatever your are going through?
And just let it be ok for now.
As you move into acceptance that what is happening to you is ok, you shift toward the awareness that the event or circumstance is actually happening through you!
This action takes you from one of lack of control to one of having control!
In doing so you now have ways to deal with the event!
Just let it be OK for now!
And you will realize how to change it later.
It’s really is!
Love Papa.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Any Questions?

Are you asking enough questions?
Are you curious enough about what goes on around you?
Or are you lazy, bored, not interested, overwhelmed, terrified or ??? by the changes in the world.
Innovation and transformation surround us constantly.
When you chose to ignore the changes going on around you, are you shutting down, retreating into the past or hiding from reality?
The world and the Universe are constantly expanding and although we cannot keep up to every change, shutting down and refusing to accept change can be a sign of other things.
Are you retreating into fear or refusing to participate?
Be aware of the changes you see, fuel your mind with changes.
Innovation comes from new thought!
Remain curious! Explore new worlds! Remove your blinders! Embrace change!
Any Questions?
Love Papa
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Find Joy!

Find peace in the silence of a crowd.
Find solitude in the calmness of humanity.
Joy in the joy of the multitude.
When you can find the peace, solitude and joy within the buzz of your every day.
You begin to see the majesty of the miracle in which we exist.
Seek that place within you that allows you to move to the silence.
And quietly observe not that which surrounds you, rather that which resides within you.
For it is here that true joy resides.
Love Papa.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What If.........

What if............all my nightmares really happened?
What if............the worst really came true?
What if............I lost everything?
What if............they got cancer?
What if............the news was correct?
What if............everything did come true?
And miracles really do happen.
Everything really works out in the end?
Things actually do happen for a reason.
And I can actually live happily ever after!
What if........... I could choose!
Love Papa.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shine On!

Of course you know.
Everyone does.
What you possess is always enough.
You need not teach me.
For I know as well.
But you can show me with your example.
And inspire me with your life.
So that I may follow your lead.
And become my own destiny.
If I know that you know.
And you know that I know.
Words are inadequate.
But the light that shines so brightly.
Is a beacon to all who know.
And those who seek to know.............themselves!
Shine On!
Love Papa.

Monday, February 6, 2012


If you hear it, you’re not listening!
If you see it, you’re not looking!
If you touch it, you’re not feeling!
All that is, exists silently and invisibly in our presence!
We know without description that, what we know, is real!
Yet we are helpless to describe it!
In fact any description is woefully inadequate and therefore useless.
Only when we sit in silence, not looking, acting or thinking in any way, do we become fully aware!
We are never alone, yet our journey is solitary!
Relax into the knowingness!
Submerge yourself into the oneness!
Become one with all that is!
Let awareness become YOU and You become aware!
Love Papa.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Seeking recognition from others.
Standing out from the crowd.
Being featured as extraordinary.
These are characteristics often sought.
But are they the goal?
Peace within one’s self.
Alignment with source.
Compassion for all things.
These may go silent and unnoticed.
Peacefully passing through this life seeking only connection with all that is, rejecting conformity while remaining present with the now.
Awareness of ONE that is truly outstanding!
Love Papa.