Friday, March 16, 2012

A Simple Thank You Will Suffice!

When the urge to argue, resist, struggle or fight back wells up inside you.
Pause for just a moment and attempt to redirect your focus upon yourself.
Your reaction to others is just that, a “re”-action, which by its very nature requires choice.
And the observation of that choice within yourself gives you reason to be grateful.
So thank the person who cut you off in traffic, thereby causing you to slow down!
And thank the relationship that ended, thereby causing you to recognize how stifled your growth had become!
Thank the boss who delivered your pink slip, thereby allowing you to move on to greater opportunities!
All adversity masks opportunity!
And showing gratitude opens the doors to that opportunity!
Of course you can fight for what you have, struggle to maintain your status quo and oppose change.
But you can also embrace the unknown, release all struggle and accept new opportunities.
And when they occur............a simple thank you will suffice!
Love Papa.

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