Thursday, March 15, 2012


Do you look exactly the same as you did as a child?
Of course not.
Do you act the same way you did as a child?
Presumably not!
Were all the people you met in your life good role models?
Probably not all!
Then why attempt to justify your life today based on actions and perspectives that occurred in the past.
What you said, saw or did years ago may have helped form your belief patterns,
But using those perspectives as an excuse for how your life is today, is not valid.
Just because you believed something in a previous version of your life, that does not justify your using that belief as an excuse for your life today!
You were created with free choice, regardless of the circumstances of your life!
So you need never justify your life today based on where you came from!
Justify your willingness to change!
Justify kindness, because it lives within you!
Justify peace, so that all may experience peace!
Justify love, and allow it to flow from within you!
You are the most amazing creature in the Universe!
Justify THAT!
Love Papa.

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