Friday, February 15, 2013


Love Papa

Our lives are criss-crossed with intersections.
We cross paths constantly with other people places and events that shape who we are.
Each intersection provides us with new opportunities to grow and change.
And each one provides us with more context with which to view our lives.
Are you racing through intersections?
Are you waiting for the light to change?
Are you afraid to enter an intersection?
Did you stall in the middle of an intersection?
Are you cutting anyone else off in the intersection?
Are you trying to back out of an intersection your are in?
Are you careening off others as you pass through intersections?
Are you being courteous to others in the intersection?
Do you think you might have made a wrong turn at one (or more) of your intersections?
As you pass through the intersections in your life be aware of the direction your journey takes but also keep your focus on the destination that you have chosen.
Remember that you cannot back up through all the intersections that you have passed through, you can only move forward from right here! right now!
Will the next intersection change your life...............Absolutely!
Enjoy every moment of it.
Beep! Beep! the way you left your signal indicator on!
Love Papa
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