Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Swimming in Mud!

Swimming in Mud!
Love Papa.

Hard work without intention is like swimming in mud!
Applying extra effort in exchange for more reward, does not bring that reward.
Trading time for money is an exercise in futility!
If your passion includes hard work that is your passion!
If what you do, completes you and, you have to work hard at it.... that is beautiful!
But if your work is painful and unfulfilling and you believe that you have to work hard to get what you want.
Then take another look at what you want!
Often we find that what we really want is very close to what we already have!
Consider, if you already had all the money you are now working for, what would you change?
Would you move to a new location?
Would you change the way you dress, travel, look or act?
Would you change your friends or relationships?
If so, go ahead and make those changes now!
Find a way and do it!
Because..........If your dream is working, there is no need for you to be working!
But if you haven’t got a well defined dream then the mud just gets thicker!
Love Papa.

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