Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Urge!

The Urge!
Love Papa.

Do you have the urge to change something?
Correct a wrong you see in the world?
Alter the pathway of another?
Your perception of what is right and what is wrong is just that, your perception!
Stand silent and observe!
Your awareness of the other has nothing to do with them.
The observation serves only to direct you inward to your perception not outward to causing another to change.
When you feel the urge to interject, pause and reflect on what your perception is really telling you.
For it is always directing you inward and using the reflection of the world as a reminder of what you need to address.
Be grateful always for the lessons shown in this way because your entire world is a reflection and each time you use it to change yourself you broaden your vision!
You are the true creator!
All of creation emanates from within you.
You reflect the vision of your source and create the world before you.
Rather than just resist the urge, seek to use it and gain insight into who you truly are.
You possess power beyond all measure.
But only within yourself!
Love Papa.

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