Friday, May 25, 2012

Make Today Your Starting Point!

Make Today Your Starting Point!
Love Papa.

Make today your starting point!
The new You begins.
Let the transformation start.
Each moment of “now” creates an opportunity for a new beginning.
Within the awareness of that now lies the seed of greatness!
Your potential never deserts you.
It begins anew with each breath that you take.
The decision to repeat the same patterns over and over is a choice that you make.
If the direction you choose for your life is not in harmony with your desires, then start over!
There is no shame in new beginnings, rather the shame lies in the unwillingness to move forward.
You stand at the threshold of the rest of your life, possessing the opportunity to make any choice that you desire.
The choice you make will never preclude you from making another decision!
So begin with that which you desire most in your life and start down the pathway to your destiny.
Make today your starting point and the Universe will open the door!
Love Papa.

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Love Papa.

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