Saturday, May 26, 2012


Love Papa.

From out of the darkness comes the light.
At first just a flicker, which grows into a beam.
The pathway becomes illuminated and your direction is set.
The choice to follow the light becomes secondary as you are naturally drawn towards the path.
You know not where it leads, only that it calls to you.
Like a full moon your light draws the attention of all who view it.
And you become a beacon for those who remain within their darkness.
The light is within your heart!
And you need look no further than the generosity of your own love to find your way to the light.
Illumination comes from within and radiates to all who encounter it.
The glow of love from one can pass to everyone and create flood of illumination that will radiate throughout the Universe.
Seek out your flicker!
Nourish your light!
Become the illumination that the would seeks!
For you are truly connected to all that is.
And the masses are awaiting your light!
Love Papa.

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Love Papa.

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