Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Take Your Ego for a Walk!

Ego’s can be like a boisterous puppy!
They want to run and play and get into trouble.
They like to dig in your yard, chew your shoes, run around with muddy feet and generally create chaos.
But they are cute!
They require regular exercise but you can’t take them too seriously.
Just because they are pulling at the end of a lease and trying to drag you along doesn’t make them right.
Sometimes (more often than not) the quiet reflective part of who we are is the part we should listen to.
Our ego’s represent that outgoing part of us whereas our feelings represent the inner part of us.
Finding the balance is a constant game.
Sometimes you have to let it run while remaining aware of how it feels.
Take your Ego for a walk but don’t let it break free and leave you behind!!
Love Papa.

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