Friday, December 2, 2011

When it Felt Right!

Remember when you felt great?
Not necessarily the circumstances.
But the feeling!
What exactly did you feel?
Joy, euphoria, Peace?
Get in touch with that feeling!
Remember all the things about it.
How your mind felt?
How your body felt?
What freedom did the feeling allow you?
Now ask for that feeling to come into your current situation!
Don’t think about whether or not it can happen!
Just ask for the feeling that you desire!
Forget all the “yeah buts’” in your mind.
Just say “I want to feel like that!”
As you are able to allow this to happen............miracles occur!
You begin to see the Universe unfold before you.
Providing all the answers you could not see before.
It is not your responsibility to create your world!
You need only ask for the feeling that you desire.
And watch your amazing power manifest!
Love Papa.

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