Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What is!

Your acceptance and allowance of “what is” is much more powerful than your determination of “what should be.”
In your efforts to prove “what should be” you remove the possibilities of “what is.”
“What is” is you stepping forth into the flow of the universal energy that creates all things.
“What should be” is you trying to stop that flow or change its direction to satisfy your own ego.
Although you may try very hard and you may appear to be gaining ground in your position, the flow of the universe will always overcome your efforts.
Surrendering to "what is" is something your ego cannot tolerate, however all your attempts to force “what should be” to occur will ultimately come up short.
Though ego would wish for it not to be so, “what is” will always prevail.
Allow “what is” to flow through you...............perhaps your ego will thank you one day!!!
Love Papa.
Re-post of #248

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