Tuesday, December 13, 2011

See it for what it is!

When someone acts completely out of context and treats you in a manner which you are not prepared for.
And you are so close to the problem that all you can do is feel the pain.
It is difficult to see what the source really is.
Because.....” the reason is never the reason”,
You often are not privy to the real reason behind the actions of another.
Therefore what you are observing is not emanating from the truth,
Rather from the veil being cast by them to protect some secret or reason they do not want you to know.
When you realize that this is true, you can allow the other party to pretend and continue their charade,
Knowing full well that this has nothing to do with you.
Sometimes you have to set your feelings aside and
See it for what it is!
Not YOUR Stuff!
Love Papa.

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