Saturday, December 17, 2011


Are you staying within the lines?
Are your colours all coordinated?
Does your life resemble a detailed creative art display?
Or does it look like a jumble of colours splattered all over the paper?
Either way, lean back and look at it for a while and see the patterns that are created.
Your artistic talents are driven by your momentary direction.
You cannot avoid your own ego, so why bother.
You have been given a box of crayons in your life and your challenge is to draw YOUR picture YOUR way!
If you find yourself trying extra hard to stay within the lines.........then close your eyes!
And if you find that your colours are getting blurred and bland then, sharpen your crayons!
The rules of your art exist only within your heart...............hmmmm, I think that rhymes!!
Love Papa.


  1. Beautiful. I love Crayola's and I love colouring outside of the lines. Always nice to be encouraged.

  2. thanks for reading my messages!