Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Passing Notes.

Do you remember passing notes to each other in school?
Although it was frowned upon when you were a child, it was always exciting (and maybe a little dangerous) to send and receive a note.
Passing along a personal note, to its intended recipient, through several other classmates required skill & timing.
One little slip up and the note could be lost to the teacher and your message could go horribly wrong!!
Choosing your words carefully, filled with hidden suggestions and other innuendo was required.
But the thrill of receiving such a message was always worth the effort and the risk.
You felt special and privileged to be the recipient and you felt empowered to be the sender!
Well today’s medium for passing notes has become much easier with email, text, face time, video blogging, Facebook and who knows what is next.
But the excitement of sending and receiving a note remains the same.
We empower ourselves and others when we communicate our thoughts!
Write a note to someone special in your life today!
You have just received mine!!!
Love Papa

Thanks for reading Notes From Papa. If you know anyone who would enjoy recieving Notes From Papa as a text or email  please have them forward their email or phone number (for texting) to me and I will add them to the list.

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