Monday, October 11, 2010

Want what you already have!

Wanting what you already have is the key to getting more!

If you desire more of something in your life and find it difficult to obtain, it may be because you do not want what you already have.

If you want a new car, start by really feeling good about the one that you have now!

If you want another home put some effort into really appreciating the one that you live in today!

What you have already received brings forth an ongoing energy and when you discard or discount that energy, and no longer feel its value, you block new energy from coming to you.

You chose what you have in your life today for a reason, so reawaken the wanting of it again.

The material objects you now possess have served you well.

The personal relationships you have today are ones that you chose for a reason.

If you desire to move on from these, find the point of wanting that you first had and allow it back into your life.

Doing so will allow you to move on to what you now desire.

Want what you already have and you shall have whatever you want!

Love Papa

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