Saturday, December 14, 2013

Silent Example

Silent Example!
Love Papa.

Of course there is pain, cruelty and suffering in the world.
And of course there is violence, poverty and ignorance.
We cannot ignore what we see and hear.
However focusing attention upon the source rather than the cure or prevention adds no value.
Every moment spent wailing in opposition is precious time lost in the journey to recovery.
Events occur that cause us to observe contrast to what we believe.
In that observation we are often moved to action.
It is the choice of action that determines our destiny.
True leadership is by silent example.
Let your actions show the way out of pain!
Express your opposition to cruelty and suffering through kindness and compassion!
Allow Peace, generosity and education to be your champions!
What you do not want in the world should be crystal clear to you, so creating what you do want shall be equally so!
Lead through your example rather than adding to the voice of complaint!
You are a pure example of the power of the ultimate source within you!
Allow that beauty to radiate from everything you do!
Become the silent example!
Love Papa.
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