Saturday, September 7, 2013


Love Papa.

Yes, you know who you are.
You overworked, under-appreciated, detail oriented, micro managers!
Who want everything to be just right!
Not only for you but for everyone else as well.
Making sure that everyone is happy (and doing what they are supposed to be doing!)
Everyone has their instructions, directions, lunch bag and raincoat (just in case!)
Do you want the ultimate control?
Well then listen up................cause here is the biggest secret!
It’s not about ANYBODY else!
The only thing you have the actual ability to control is YOU!
And the only way to control yourself is through your heart!
If you listen to your own heart and follow what makes you feel good then everything and everybody else falls into place!
No amount of juggling, balancing, tap dancing or screaming can replace a few moments to focus on the feeling you desire.
When you gain control of yourself, you gain the ultimate control!
Suddenly you move from a high pressure time bomb, moving through life with a hair trigger,
To a peaceful ball of love, gliding through life with ease and grace!
I know you want the best for show them rather than tell or direct them!
You have the power to gain the ultimate control!
It just doesn’t exist outside of You!
Love Papa.
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Jim McKillop
Notes From Papa

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