Monday, May 13, 2013

Turn the Page!

Turn the Page!
Love, Papa.

Life is a sequel!
A collection of your best work!
From your first day at Hogwarts.
Until the epilogue is read.
You are fully engrossed in the story.
Unable to put it down!
The cast of characters is vast.
The settings spectacular.
And the true nature of the plot is always hidden until the end!
Each page holds a key to the past and the future.
Yet if you skip ahead you lose the story line.
Some pages must be reread over and over.
And some chapters fly by where others seem to linger.
But each is leading to the creation of a great story.
One with every aspect of life included!
You are a true classic!
Never to be repeated!
But to live on in the tales of history as one of the greats!
Go ahead....turn the page!
Love, Papa.

Notes From Papa
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