Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Love, Papa.

Treasure the pause between the moments of your life!
That brief period of time when the wind blows, the raindrops fall and the sun shines.
That pause between the inhale and exhale of each breath.
Between the open and closing of your eyes during each blink!
And between each beat of your heart!
It is during that moment when true reality is experienced!
Within the pause is your connection to all that is!
Your link to who you really are!
There can be no separation from source!
For as long as you are breathing, blinking and beating,
Your connection remains!
Honour the pause!
Know that you are never alone or abandoned!
Rather that each thought is but a distraction from true reality!
And that each pause reconnects you again!
Honour the pause!
Love, Papa.

Notes From Papa
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