Thursday, March 14, 2013

Believe It or Not?

Believe It or Not?
Love Papa.

If you believe it then the opposite belief also exists!
Just as there is no left without right, up without down, back without front!
There can be no beliefs that you hold to be true that do not have an equal but opposite to them.
Therefore what you believe to be true is only one perspective.
In order for you to have your belief, the opposite must be true!
Otherwise it would be impossible for you to have your belief!
As you begin to see this view you realize that without someone having the opposite view, you could not maintain your own!
So be grateful for those who see things different from you, as they are the ones who teach you to expand and grow!
As you learn that your belief is only a perspective that you have adopted as true, you begin to allow choice to be your guide!
Experience your beliefs for what they are....a choice you have made!
Believe it or can choose again!
Choose wisely!
Love Papa.

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