Friday, February 22, 2013

That Was Then!

That Was Then!
Love Papa.

You did not enter into the agreement intending to fail!
Nor did you intentionally make the decision to take advantage of the circumstances! Did you?
Rather you began this process with true intentions of success!
You honestly believed that life would get better and things would improve.
Given the parameters of your perspective, you made the best choices available to you.
But that was then and this is now.
The picture has shifted.
You are viewing the circumstances from a new angle.
Your understanding has changed.
You are not the same person who made that choice!
From your vantage point of now, looking backward, you may have considered many other choices, than the one you made!
But then you would not be here!
You would not have this vantage point.
You would not be learning these lessons.
You would not be the you that you are today!
Be happy with you!
You are the best that you can be, given the pathway you have walked!
And no other pathway would have brought you to now!
That was then, this is now!
And that is all that counts.
Love Papa.

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