Monday, November 5, 2012

Hither & Yon!

Hither & Yon!
Love Papa.

Your pathway may take you far and wide.
To unseen corners of the world.
Places you could not imagine before you arrived.
Yet never will forget, now that you’ve been.
But in all your travels hither and yon.
You need not search for the answers to life.
For the journeys are but elaborate backdrops and beautiful memories.
Which adorn your visions with colour and texture.
While the truth has never left your side!
We are born to seek.
And that which we seek lies so close at hand as not to be seen.
Yet it’s very presence lights our path and fuels our dreams.
Enjoy your travels hither and yon
But remember you are never alone.
The answer is always at hand!
Love Papa.

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