Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Place for Quiet.

A Place for Quiet.
Love Papa.

Peace, Quiet, Solitude and Tranquility.
All things required by each of us to maintain our balance in life.
The importance of these cannot be overstated.
We spend the majority of our time on this earth alone in our own heads, but we often do not use that time to our best interest.
Find a place for quiet!
Each of us needs to have a place to go, either physically or metaphorically that is our quiet place.
A place where we center and ground ourselves back to balance.
A place that feels good, where the pain goes away or the noise stops or the race is put on hold.
Create such a place for yourself and go there often.
There is no priority on the physical plane that supersedes your own well being!
And quiet peacefulness is what will get you there.
You have amazing talents and qualities, not the least of which is your ability to sit quietly in a corner and relax!
Seek a Place for Quiet!
Love Papa.
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