Thursday, August 30, 2012

Go Go Go!

Go, Go, Go!
Love Papa.

At what pace do you relate?
Are you the slow cautious type?
The frantic impatient type?
Or somewhere in between?
Awareness of time, space, reality and spirit are all relative.
Relative to you!
Each must pass through you for you to understand them.
And each is subject only to your interpretation.
The pace at which you interpret them and the perspective you attach to them is entirely personal.
Fast or slow the result remains yours and yours alone to view.
Enjoying the journey need not be subject to any time schedule but your own!  
Choosing your own pace is all that counts.
Listen to your words.
Feel your body’s response.
Become aware of your own pace.
Know when go, go, go should be slow, slow, slow.
Love Papa.

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