Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Step Between!

Step Between!
Love Papa.

To help you obtain what you desire, place yourself between what you desire and those whom you could be of service to.
In other words step between them!
Decide what you want with total clarity.
Become aware that all things that would help you obtain your goal are actively seeking you!
Choose to place yourself directly between that which you desire, and that which is helping you to obtain it, by simply offering service.
Deliberately step in between these two active energy sources and say “How can I serve You?”
Wake up each day and say:
I am seeking to be of service to anyone or anything that is in my life for the purpose of helping me attain my dream!
Know with absolute certainty that these energies are searching for YOU!
And by placing yourself at their service, they will help YOU attain your goal.
When you place yourself in the flow of energy that is drawing these two amazing forces together and offer your service, nothing can prevent you from attaining your goal.
Love Papa.
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