Thursday, June 21, 2012

Before You Know It!

Before You Know It!
Love Papa.

Time, in a Universal perspective does not exist.
The passage of time is a virtual phenomena that we experience.
Therefore what you put forth as a desire and what you receive appear separated.
Nothing “suddenly” appears.
We put forth a desire, the Universe responds and we receive a result.
Seems simple enough?
Then why don’t I get exactly what I asked for?
You do, check what you asked for!
The ability of the Universe to provide what you desire is limitless.
You receive your desires literally before you know it!
Because you are receiving exactly what you are putting forth as a feeling!
When you receive something that enhances that feeling it often arrives, before you know it!
The filter of your mind cannot even recognize that the result has appeared.
It is through awareness that one finds the ability to feel the results of their desires.
You are always responded to in a manner that is designed to match your best interest.
What you are learning and becoming is literally happening “Before You Know It!”
Love Papa.

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