Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shine Brightly

Shine Brightly
Love Papa.

Bring forth the light from within you and shine it upon all you encounter.
For your light is the light of creation, compassion and consideration.
You possess within you the connection to all that is.
And from this place of knowing you can, will and do change the world!
Your light shines upon the world with the intensity with which you reflect it!
Open up the shutters of your mind, swing open the window coverings and shine your light so brightly that all can see!
Contained within you is the future, the undiscovered, the dreams of humanity!
You and only You, by virtue of your very presence, create that which now IS!
And it is from this place of awareness that all creation emanates.
You are the source incarnate!
All materialism originates from within you and you attract to yourself exactly what you envision!
So Shine Brightly your light upon the world!
And all will be drawn!
Love Papa.

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