Thursday, May 31, 2012

Go To Your Spot!
Love Papa.

“Just Go To Your Spot and think about things!”
Did you ever have a “time out” spot that you were sent to?
Perhaps a room or location that you had to stay at until you had considered the consequence of an action that you had taken.
A place to calm yourself down, re-evaluate and re-think your position.
When emotions run high and actions are taken without full consideration of the outcome, we can often get distracted from our mission.
Taking time to pause and re-connect often provides us with a new perspective.
We see things from a different point of view.
We have an opportunity to focus our attention and clarify our intentions.
Finding a spot where you can do this is critical!
Having a location where you feel safe, can unwind and re-commit to yourself is necessary.
Find your spot!
Whether in your mind or a physical location, find a safe place where only you can go.
Go there as often as you need, but use the time wisely.
Remember........... “Just Go To Your Spot and think about things!”
Love Papa.

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Love Papa.

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