Wednesday, April 25, 2012


When the thought is created, the shift begins!
Alignment starts to take place from that very point of origin.
We may not see the result immediately but we must remain steadfast in our thought.
What you think becomes reality in your life, without compromise!
All that exists in your life at this very moment was once just a thought!
And from that thought grew the manifestation of what you now possess, be it material or circumstance.
Therefore you can just as easily create new manifestations through the process of sustained new thought.
But you must be diligent!
You will be opposed, told it can`t be done!
Reached, preached and beseeched upon to change your thought.
But only sustained thought will make manifest that which you dream.
You are not just some tiny fleck of dust in this giant explosion of a Universe!
You are the front line, leading edge creator of all that you encounter!
What you think...........becomes!
Love Papa.

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