Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Seeds Have Been Sown!

You’ve said it yourself!
And made it be known!
For what you believe.
The seeds have been sown.

But questions remain unanswered?
A void exists within you.
The dots do not fully connect.
Ahhh!... but the seeds have been sown!

You know that something is missing yet you cannot find the source.
Searching and studying seem to bring more questions than answers.
It seems to be right there but just out of reach.
Yes.........the seeds have been sown.

Like searching for the one true nugget in the giant bargain bin of life.
Or seeking Waldo’s smiling face in the sea of bodies, you know it’s there, but just can’t quite see it yet.
Something deep inside says “Keep looking!”
And you know............ the seeds have been sown.

Solving the riddle of life is as ancient as mankind.
Yet the answer has always be frozen in time.
For the within you lies the answer that has always been known!
That the fruit will come to bear once the seeds have been sown!

Scattered throughout the Universe like diamonds upon eternity!
You constantly expand and create the answer every moment of every day!
For you contain the answer that has always been known!
When you become silent.............the seeds have been sown!

Love Papa.

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