Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mind Your Own Business!

Isn’t it fun to allow ourselves to wander uninvited, into the myriad of issues and problems that are created in the lives of those around us?
In fact if we don’t have enough friends and family available to intercede with, we can turn to any number of electronic means to push our nose into other peoples stuff.
And if that doesn’t work we can actually make up thoughts within our mind that would create situations where we could jump in and offer our opinion.
We can even go back in our memories and recall times when we were able to step into a situation and offer our “valued” opinion!
Usually during these events we think we have saved the day and offered up solutions, recommendations, remedies or just stirred the pot in some way.
What we are actually doing is an act of avoidance!
Our unwillingness to turn the spotlight on ourselves is often the reason why we are compelled to interfere in the lives of others.
The fact that we recognize things in other people’s lives should act as a reflection of the problems in our own.
What you seek to “fix” in someone else’s situation is a direct reflection of an outstanding issue in your own life!
The words “Mind Your Own Business” might better read, observe the “Business of Your Own Mind”
Love Papa.

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  1. Good one! It reminds me of "what other people think of me is none of my business" - so many of us work hard to release the concern of what others think of us - yet are quick to jump in and gossip or interfere. Everything begins within - and as we enhance our own experience with ourselves - so we also enhance our experience with the world around us. Thanks Jim! Very thought provoking!!