Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I see her every day at my child’s school!
Today we actually spoke and I was surprised we had so much in common!
We were there, right at sunset and saw the whole thing, it was amazing!
I watched the whale leap out of the water not 20 feet from our boat!
Just as I was about to give up, help arrived!
These and millions of other things that occur each day of our lives, appear from nowhere and become part of who we are.
Although they may appear random or unscripted, they truly are not!
We have the ability to coordinate ourselves into ANY scenario that we choose!
That is why we have imagination!
If you can visualize yourself in a scene in which miracles occur, then you shall receive miracles!
Choose not to see the coincidence as the exception, but rather the rule and you may then orchestrate miracles effortlessly!
See yourself as the creator, as well as the creation and you begin to see possibilities untold!
Love Papa.

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