Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Is your Mind perfectly clear on everything in your life?
Do you have a perfect Body?
Are you in perfect control of your Emotions?
Do you maintain a perfect connection with your Spiritual awareness?
Are you a work in progress?
Or are you already perfect?
Perhaps the answer is both!
You arrived here as a perfect spiritual being cloaked in a magnificent physical body complete with a marvellous creative mind and all the emotion that you required to propel you through this experience called life.
How much more perfection could there be?
No matter how much you mess up your experience or shut down parts of your life you retain the ability to continue on and seek new challenges.
Your Body, Your Mind, Your Emotions and Your Spirit never leave you and they are constantly striving to move you toward your next step.
Sounds like a Perfect Work in Progress to me.
Love Papa
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