Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lower Your Standards?

When things don’t meet your standards...........lower your standards!
This may seem counterproductive at first, but perhaps you are expecting too much.
Are you expecting more of yourself or others than they are willing or able to produce?
Are you expectations too great?
Are you moving faster than everyone else and leaving them behind?
Perhaps lowering your standards will bring everything into alignment!
Momentum is the flow of all things together in a consistent direction.
If you are trying to lead faster than momentum is flowing (or in a different direction) you may be causing more struggle in your life than you know!
Lowering your standards may bring you into alignment with all things.
There is no race to win!
There is no goal to achieve!
There is no prize for being first!
There is only the journey and the more you are in alignment, the more enjoyable the trip!
Don’t be afraid to lower your standards if that is what the situation requires.
Love Papa.

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