Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's YOUR Bliss!

You imagined it,
Dreamt about it,
And realized it!
It’s YOUR Bliss!

You searched and searched,
Studied and listened,
Followed and worshiped,
It’s YOUR Bliss!

You compromised,
Settled, gave in
And surrendered
It’s still YOUR Bliss!

Your bliss is not at the end of a long tunnel or the bottom of a deep hole or even just beyond your finger tips.
YOUR bliss lives within your heart.
Seek your Bliss only within yourself!
Understand that it exists!
Trust that it is yours and yours alone!
You need not share, unless you desire so.
You cannot give it away or force it upon another.
Likewise you cannot obtain it from an outside source.
Close your eyes, slip into that place of quiet and relax!
No one and nothing can touch you here!
It’s YOUR Bliss!
Love Papa.

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