Saturday, December 10, 2011


Ever present, always flowing, calm and gentle or rough and stormy.
Be like the water.
Life source of all beings.
Melt into the background,
Yet remain always present.
Without water you would not exist.
Without you there would be no need for water.
Like an invisible cloak, you cannot grasp it, yet it makes up most of who you are.
You can pass through water with ease and it can pass through you the same way.
Be like water.
Water can create stunning views, magnificent waterfalls, evoke calmness and fear.
Yet without it, all would disappear!
Be like water.
Silently, calmly become part of the all that is.
And flow like a gentle stream while others pause to gaze upon your amazing beauty.
Look at your reflection in the water and know that you are one.
Love Papa.

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