Tuesday, June 21, 2011


If you cut your finger, it miraculously heals!
When you bruise your body, you can watch it heal!
When your heart is broken, it eventually heals!
From the moment that your body realizes that it has been damaged it begins a process to recreate the whole again!
We live inside amazing vessels that possess their own power to heal.
You don’t have to think or even be aware and your body will heal itself.
The same is true for our society, when damage is done, we circle round and we heal.
War’s end, unrest subsides, disaster’s abate, tides turn and healing begins immediately.
It is inbred into our very fabric.
We know instinctively that we are all one and when one of us bleeds we all bleed.
Well being is always the order of the day.
Observe, bless and allow all healing into your life.
Love Papa.

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