Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fighting the System!

“They never change!”
“It’s always the same thing!”
I have been trying for years and it’s always the same mumbo jumbo answers.
They never listen to me.
Every time I think I am getting close, they move the goal posts and I am left out again.
If you have a dream that requires cooperation or approval from government or bureaucracy it may seem like an endless task to get what you want.
Remember to put things in perspective.
It is your dream not theirs! But you must fit your dream into their system.
Fighting the System only increases your frustration.
What is the one common part of the picture?
It is YOUR dream, YOUR goal and YOUR problem and YOU are the one that is upset!
Not them, it is not their dream!! They have their own dreams.
If you want to attain your goals you must first determine the intent of the system and those within it, then develop your plan to achieve your goal within the guidelines of their system.
Fighting anything brings on more Fighting!
Start Loving the System and you will find your way!
Love Papa.

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