Friday, March 18, 2011

When to Duck!

Sometimes we don’t see the giant boxing glove swinging towards our head!
Or we don’t see the huge wheels of the bus until they are bearing right down on us.
Experience can teach us when to duck or step out of the way!
It does not have to be personal experience necessarily, we can learn much by observing the path taken by others.
Knowing when to duck or jump out to the way can save you great agony or years of pain.
It can also be a reminder of previous decisions.
Sometimes we come to the same place again in our lives, but because the circumstances are painted with slightly different colours, we once again forget to duck!
It could be recreating the same type of relationship that caused us grief or the same mistake we made before with money, vices or events!
Have you found yourself facing the big glove and forgetting to duck?
I know that I have!
Walk carefully...........and remember “When to Duck!”
Love Papa. 

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