Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Listen to Yourself!

Do you actually listen to yourself?
Not your voice, or the one in your head, but really listen to yourself!
Ever have the experience of ignoring your “gut feeling” and then regretting it later?
We all have felt the pain of not following through on our intuitions.
Why do we not listen?
Are we afraid of our power, do we not trust ourselves or are we just not listening?
Our mind is designed to have us avoid our higher power!
That which truly guides us, is not our thoughts, but rather our feelings!
When we feel our way through life it flows smoothly and easily, but when we think our way we are often challenged with obstacles.
Such arrogance this mind of mine displays!
Who put my mind in charge of ME!......Oh right, I did!
I can’t ignore my mind, but I don’t have to believe it all the time!
There!.........now let’s see how that feels!
Love Papa.

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