Monday, November 15, 2010

Add Love to your Asking.

If you are not sure if you are asking for what you do want or for what you do not want, just add Love to your asking.
In other words if you are asking for good health and the words you say or think sound like: “I don’t want to catch that cold!” you are actually attracting the cold to you by focusing on it.
However if you say or think: “ I want to have a healthy body” you are focusing on what you really want.
A simple test is to add Love to either statement and it becomes very clear.
“ I Love not to catch that cold!” sounds very different than “I Love to have a healthy body”
“ I Love not to be broke!” vs “I Love to have plenty of money!”
“ I Love to have no more War!” vs “ I Love Peace!”
“ I Love not to be lonely!” vs “I Love having wonderful relationships in my life!”
Adding Love to your Asking directs your focus on what you really want and draws it toward you instantly.
“I Love having you in my life!”
Love Papa

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  1. Amen Jim...and stay connected to it....
    Been a while...hope all is well.