Friday, October 1, 2010

Write it down!

The physical act of writing something down causes you to connect with your feelings about a topic or subject.

When you write something you transmit your thoughts from the imaginary to the physical.

This action confirms the reality of the thought and produces evidence to the world that all can see.

Your evidence then becomes part of your legacy.

Like a trail of bread crumbs you would leave behind you to mark your path, your writings become the means by which others may follow where you have gone.

Read any good book and think about what the author was feeling when they wrote the words.

As I write down these words and send them, you see evidence of my thoughts and you may feel some of my feelings.

Because we are all originate from one source, we can relate to words written by someone else.

The words we write are part of what connects us to each other.

Write down what you think!

Love Papa

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