Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Isn’t it amazing that you were given this rather animated toy when you arrived here!
It is made up of a number of moving parts assembled in a loosely connected fashion tied together with a bunch of stretchy material and covered with a flexible layer of waterproof, breathable stuff that heals itself if you cut it!
Inside contains a controlling mechanism that allows you to operate this toy in a never ending array of different methods.
When you first receive your toy you are aware that it is just a toy and that YOU are separate from the toy but it is lots of fun to play with.
Along the way some of us begin to think that WE ARE THE TOY! And start to forget that we are part of something much greater and our toy is just a physical expression of that greater part of us.
We tend to forget how much fun it is to just play and enjoy our toy.
Sometimes we abuse our toy or don’t treat it very well and it starts to fail us.
Occasionally we damage our toy and it won’t do all the things it used to do for us.
And eventually we all allow our toys to disintegrate to the point where it stops and we come to the great realization that:
We always were separate from our toy and ALL OF THIS WAS JUST A GAME.
I hope you are enjoying your toy!

Love Papa

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