Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Point Your Finger!

When you point your finger are you doing so in an accusing manner or in a desiring manner?

When you point at something or someone are you feeling good or not so good?

Follow the line of site of your finger when you point it.

Are you directing it forcefully or just casually waving it around?

What you point toward, you direct your Attention toward.

And your Intention follows your Attention.

It is perfectly ok to point your finger but be aware of the fact that you are directing your Intention toward what your finger is pointing at!

Test yourself..........point only at what you want to come into your life!

Point at the people you want to associate with!

Point at the material things you want to attract!

Point at things that make you feel really good!

Point at what you desire and focus your Intention toward your desire.........

Love Papa

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