Tuesday, August 31, 2010

If Life was supposed to be difficult it would have come with instructions!

Everything that requires assembly or is complicated to operate comes with instructions!

You would not expect to create complex things without instructions!

Most of us could not build a house or an automobile without instructions.

Why aren’t the guidelines for being human clear and distinct?

Did someone forget to include the rules when we were born?

Should you have been clutching an instruction manual when you arrived?

Ask your parents if they misplaced your instruction book!

Or perhaps like all things in nature, we are not really that complicated and we just make too much of things??

Perhaps Life is supposed to be easy, moving from one good feeling place to the next.

No one tells the grass how to grow, the flowers how to bloom, the bees how to buzz or the birds how to fly…..

And somehow they all manage to get along just fine!


Love Papa

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